Winner of the worldwide picturebook illustration competition „Picture this!“

The children’s book « Through the night » is the winner of the worldwide illustration competition “Picture this!” and illustrates on 8 double pages a German ‘Klapphornvers’, meaning a piece of popular poetry comparable to the English ‘limerick’. It goes like this:

Two boys were walking through the night,

One silently,

the other smoothly.

They could hardly been seen

Nor heard.

And what if

They had not existed at all?

Explanation: In the last scene, the fear that two robbers were pushing a cart with booty through the night turns out to be an illusion projected on drying laundry on a clothesline: it seems to have come to life by the wind. The work has been realized through a collage technique using different kinds of paper.

2Knaben 2Knaben2 2Knaben3

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