Born in Kasachstan, Tatjana Lorenz grew up in Latvia where she started high school and took special classes at a school of art in the city of Daugavpils. After moving to Germany in 1991, she finished high school in Kehl am Rhein while at same time pursuing privately her artistic education at Kunsthochschule Offenburg and Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs in Strasbourg. After graduating from high school, she studied Communications design at the State Academy of Visual Arts in Stuttgart where she passed her final exams with distinctions in 2004.

Up to now the professional career of Tatjana Lorenz has been mostly defined by her works for the German GEO magazine. She started as a private contributor to various publications such as Geolino, GEO Kompakt, GEO Saison, GEO Special and GEO Wissen, then, in 2008, assumed the art direction of the history magazine GEO Epoche as well as of related publications like GEO Epoche Edition and GEO Epoche Panorama, and of GEO App. In 2021, she was appointed Managing Designer.

In addition to that, she also works on freelance projects. Her works have been displayed in Strassbourg, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne, Worchester, Shanghai and Rotterdam.
Tatjana Lorenz lives in Hamburg. Fluent in German and Russian, she also speaks English and French.



Vier Medaillen, zwei Mal Gold, Silber und Bronze in den Kategorien Illustration, Layout und Konzept > www.geo.de
Zwei Medaillen, Silber und Bronze in den Kategorien Printmagazin und Illustration



Stuttgart, “Follow up”, 2002
Hamburg, “Tanzverbot” 2014
Hamburg, “Wunderkammer”, 2016
Bologna, “Picture this”, 2016
Shanghai, “Picture this”, 2016
Rotterdam, “Picture this”, 2016
Köln, “Picture this”, 2017
Worchester, “Picture this”, 2017



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“Das kleine Morgenmufflon”

“Ein Klang für Bremen” 

“Das Cello und ich” 

“Partir, pour partir” 

“Wie kommen wir denn hier rein, bitte schön? Integrationswege für ethnisch Unbefugte” 




FONTS IN USE bespricht die typografische Zusammensetzung der beim International Creative Media Award prämierten Layouts